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PTP 2013 Announcement Slides For PowerPoint and Keynote


Right click to download the image above to put in a PowerPoint/Keynote, announcements, or bulletin   Right click to download the image above to put in a PowerPoint/Keynote, announcements, or bulletin

Polishing the Pulpit 2012 MP3 Downloads

PTP is partially supported by order diazepam of audios. We have there CDs at the event for years and it helps offset the registration fee. buy adderall one makes money from the sale of these items. buy xanax online the money goes back into covering the cost of producing the audios, and making PTP a […]

74 Acts of Random Kindness

Kindness cards thumb

Smile. Talk to someone that no one else will talk to. (At school, at church, etc.) Invite people to the events of the church. Check up on someone who looks lonely. Listen intently to people’s stories without trying to fix everything. Make yourself available and approachable. Ask an elder or minister where you can be […]

PTP PowerPoint: What Advice Should We Give a Member Who Has Legal Problems?

What Advice Should We Give a Member Who Has Legal Problems

Ministers are often put into situations that they do not feel qualified to help. It can be especially difficult to help people who are adderall online with legan issues. In this lesson, Melvin Otey talks with preachers about advice that should be given to members going through legal problems. With certain situtations, […]

How to Host an Evangelistic Community Giveaway


Why should you have a community giveaway? 1.  Just to be kind a. In some places, Christians have become known for what we hate more than for what we love. b. What have you done to be kind lately?  As an individual and as a congregation c. John 13:35 […]

PTP Ideas In Action: Free Clothing & Household Item Giveaway


Adam Evans During PTP Polishing the Pulpit 2010, I heard a lecture provided by Matt Wallin on the topic of Outreach. Matt introduced an evangelistic outreach started at the Jacksonville Church of Christ in Jacksonville, AL. The outreach was a “Free Clothing & Household Item Giveaway.” After hearing this presentation, I was inspired to […]

PTP PowerPoint: Retiring Preacher/Young Preacher in the Same Congregation


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PTP PowerPoint: Taming Your Email


Email has the ability to be either a great communication tool or an avenue to waste time. buy retin-a online no prescription this lesson, Adam Faughn teaches how email can be utilized to be a help to busy Christians without becoming a time leak. This lesson was presented by Adam Faughn at Polishing the Pulpit […]

PTP PowerPoint: Practical Tips on How Preachers & Others Can Lead a Healthy Lifestyle


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PTP Resource: American Churches Starting a Hispanic Ministry